Surviving the festive season

By Janine Rudwick – Good Night Consultant The festive season can be a busy and stressful time for parents, especially those with young children. Often, the festive schedule also includes travelling and sleeping elsewhere with family or on holiday, complexities that can flood a parent with anxiety about what this may mean for their little […]

All about White Noise

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Consultant In helping mums on their journey to better sleep with their babies, the topic of white noise often comes up. Today, I’ll share the basics of white noise so that you can make an informed decision on whether you would like to include it as part of […]

Don’t get ‘nap trapped’

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night More and more in recent times have I been hearing the word ‘nap trapped’. Nap trapped is when parents feel ‘trapped’ at home because their little one can sleep well only in the cot or in a specific area for naps. This can even mean that because […]


By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Deciding where your baby should be sleeping is a very personal decision by you as a family. You know your family best! Even when assisting clients, this is a discussion as a team (us and the parents). Discuss the pros and cons of why you want to […]

“Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps” – Planning for Newborn Sleep Bliss.

By Emma Dubbleman – Good Night Consultant I am the mother of two beautiful boys and have experienced two polar opposite newborn phases; one pure undisturbed bliss (even with a three-year old running around) and the other where the wheels completely fell off around eight weeks postpartum. After my first, very wobbly experience, I am […]

Strategies to assist kids when moving house

By Samantha Wilson – Good Night Consultant Moving house can be an exciting yet challenging time for families, particularly when it involves children. Children often form strong attachments to their home environment, friends, and routines, making the process of moving unsettling for them. It falls upon parents to employ effective strategies that help children navigate […]

Sleep Hygiene For Older Children

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Consultant Whilst we are baby and toddler sleep experts, there has been an increasing state of concern for the sleep hygiene of older children. Whilst their sleep needs are not as stringent as that of a baby, sleep is still vitally important for their development and well-being. Why […]

A bedtime routine for the family

By Megan Heuer – Good Night Consultant My kids are 2, 4 and 6 years old and I wanted to help moms out with an idea of what your evenings could look like with a consistent routine that your children can know and become used to. By knowing what to expect, as each night is […]

Creating a great sleep environment

By Angelique Dormhel – Good Night Consultant When we get the news that we are expecting a little bundle of joy, we experience so many emotions and thoughts simultaneously. It’s like a runaway train that’s not going to stop any time soon … We eagerly wait till we know the sex of the baby to […]

Sibling Room Sharing

By Megan Heuer – Good Night Consultant Is it possible to have two children share one room? If children share a room do, they not wake each other? Is it possible to have 2 children share one room and sleep through? I get these questions often when clients want their children to share a room […]