Through the eyes of a parent

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant There are very few parents that embark on the sleep training journey without some level of fear, misconception, nervousness, or uncertainty. The whole concept of sleep training and possibly imagining your child in distress can often paralyse a parent from acting. I have seen it either delay or […]

Let’s Talk about PND

By Ohara Kydd – Good Night Consultant In the weeks leading up to the birth of my daughter, I remember waking multiple times a night due to being uncomfortable and all those bathroom breaks! I was thinking this was my body’s way of preparing me for waking through the night to care for my baby— […]

Active children sleep better

By Anke Scherman – Good Night Consultant Exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health In our home, generally around 18h00 in the evening, when we’ve had dinner and there’s still some play time ahead of bath, all my son wants to do is move! There’s running and playing […]

Room Sharing vs Own Room Sleep for Babies

By Carmen Botes – Good Night Consultant At Good Night there are so many aspects we have to take into consideration when guiding parents to a better sleep journey for their children. Whether these children are newborns, toddlers or pre-schoolers. Helping parents navigate life with toddlers who are having a meltdown or newborns who will […]

It is discipline, not punishment.

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant Teaching a baby how to sleep is essentially providing them with sufficient space to learn a skill that they have not fully acquired yet. However, when it comes to older toddlers, sleep training takes on another reality. It is far less about the skill of falling asleep and […]

Creating a perfect sleeping environment

By Anneri van Rooyen – Good Night Sleep Consultant Creating a sleep-friendly environment for your child is an essential factor to provide a good night’s rest. Children take time to fall asleep; it depends on how sleepy they feel after their bedtime routine and if their naps during the day were successful. It is vital […]

Medicating to help with sleep – Babies & Children

By Janine Rudwick – Good Night Consultant & Dr Carla Jardine – Paediatrician As sleep consultants we come across many instances of parents medicating their children to aid sleep. Parents are often faced with this decision, desperate for the entire family to get some much-needed sleep. There are special medical cases where medication may be […]

Why making book reading part of your bedtime routine is smart

By Lize van der Merwe – Speech Language Therapist with special interest in early language development By now you know that creating a predictable bedtime routine helps set your child up for a better nights rest. A previous blog about Bedtime and Naptime rituals for Toddlers mentioned how reading a book together at bedtime promotes […]

Pillows and Blankets – When are they safe to introduce?

By Jolandi Becker MD and Owner of Good Night When our children are babies it is clear what the guidelines indicate when it comes to safe sleeping.  The cot area should be clear (NO blanket, NO pillow, NO cot bumper), the mattress should be firm and breathable, and you should always put your baby down […]

Why are your baby’s wellness check-ups important?

By Dr Chantelle van der Bijl – BloemMomDoc Having a baby is a huge responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is taking your child for their wellness visits. Your baby is thriving; they’re gaining weight, smiling, and happy.  Why should you waste your money on going for wellness check-ups with your baby or toddler? Just […]