What We Do

We help parents with getting their children to sleep better! At Good Night we take the responsibility of assisting clients very seriously. We do not have quick fixes or magic but rather tried and tested methods developed over 8 years by assisting over 9000 families sleep better. We custom make plans and support to ensure we optimize your babies sleep!
The Good Night Philosophy
We believe that no two children are the same, and therefore sleep programmes should be tailor-made to suit every child and circumstance. We believe that a well-rested child makes a healthy child and a happy family! We will teach you skills to enable your child to become a healthy and happy sleeper.
Just like with eating and walking, a child needs to be taught to sleep, we do so in a gentle and nurturing way. We never ask a parent to do anything they’re not comfortable with and we don’t believe in the misconception that leaving a baby to cry will make him a good sleeper.
  • We do a thorough analysis of your child’s sleep habits and provide you with a personalized sleep plan to implement.
  • We give you information about why sleep is such an integral part of your child’s health, well-being and learning.
  • We ensure you understand why changes need to be implemented to have commitment and a long term solution.
  • After assessing your family’s unique needs, we provide you with a step-by-step guide of the changes you need to make.
  • We offer support in the form of calls, emails and WhatsApp for 2 weeks after the initial consultation.
  • We offer follow-up meetings and monitoring to help your family progress to natural, healthy sleep patterns.

The Good Night program can help you if

  • Your child will only fall asleep with a “sleeping aid” such as a bottle or the TV.
  • Your child just “doesn’t sleep”
  • Your lack of sleep is affecting your work performance and relationships.
  • Your lack of sleep is affecting to your work performance and relationships.
  • Bedtime is a constant battle.
  • Your baby can’t self soothe and put himself to sleep.
  • You are pregnant and want to learn good sleep habits from early on.
  • You are faced with new challenges such as potty training, teething, sleep resistance and nightmares.
  • Your child is struggling with naptime and day-time sleep.

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