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Child and Baby Sleep Consultancy

Good Night is a child and baby sleep consultancy that specialises in helping parents with children who struggle to sleep soundly and is tailored for parents who have difficulties with children who cannot sleep through the night. Good Night’s aim is to help parents with a responsible holistic approach to better day naps and overall sleep health.

What We Do

Parent Child Support

We teach parents how to help their children sleep better and self-regulate by providing a variety of services that include private virtual consultations, support, workshops and seminars. We also sell sleep-related products. By providing parents with a personalized sleep plan and support we believe all children can have the gift of a Good Night’s sleep.

Detailed analysis of your child’s sleep, personalised sleep plan, 90-minute consultation. Knowledge is power! This package is for the families who just want the information! This is the best for simple issues and fine tuning your baby’s sleep.

Detailed analysis of your child’s sleep, personalised sleep plan, 90-minute consultation AND two weeks follow up support which includes: 3 x 15-minute phone calls and limited WhatsApp support.

Detailed analysis of your child’s sleep, personalised sleep plan, 90-minute consultation AND two weeks follow up support which includes: 3 x 15-minute phone calls and limited WhatsApp support PLUS 90-minute bedtime support via WhatsApp on the first night of process.

Good Night offers a variety of sleep related services that include:

Virtual consultations | Online Support | Zoom Seminars and Talks


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Frequently Asked Questions

As another service we offer, we provide in home support for as long as you need us. If you are nervous about implementing change in your home, then let us assist you by being there with you every step of the way. The sleep plan that we provide you in a private consultation is a step-by-step action plan that can be easily implemented. However, if you are sleep deprived, exhausted and or require extra support, we will come to your home and help you through the implementation process. Please also note we have various virtual support options. Please ask your consultant for more information and cost.
It all depends on how difficult you feel the situation is. A workshop/seminar is beneficial for any parent or parent to-be, no matter what their family’s sleep habits look like. However, if you need more hands-on help and you are currently struggling with sleep issues it might be best and more responsible to have a professional assess your situation AND help you through the implementation phase.
The price of a private consultation is based on the child’s age and our pricing structure is calculated at an affordable rate for families, as our passion is sleep! Our prices include our start to finish solution, where we assess your current situation, custom make a plan for your family, take you through the plan in a 90 minute private consultation and support you through the implementation. Let’s be honest, can we really put a price on a Good Night’s Sleep?
We have assisted over 9000 families sleep better, so our methods are tried and tested! Good Night believes that every child is different and thus no generic approach works for all children. We also believe that sleep is influenced by many factors, all of which should be taken into consideration if you want to allow your child to sleep better. Our methods are based on a holistic approach to healthy sleep development for children. We combine knowledge of routine, age appropriate awake times and creation of sustainable sleep associations to support parents in their journey to good sleep for the whole family!
Definitely! Remember, that if your child currently sleeps well, it doesn’t mean that he will sleep well in the future, especially if he hasn’t been taught the correct sleeping habits. Why not start cultivating good habits while you are ahead of inevitable sleep challenges? You may find that your child sleeps even better. It is especially about creating better sleep consistently, not having to worry and wonder if tonight will be good or bad!
We believe that getting a good night’s rest is not about us, but for the benefit of our children. Sleep is a fundamental building block of their development, and well-rested children do better at school as their minds and bodies have adequate time to develop optimally. Sleep is therefore of utmost importance and if you are struggling to get Daddy (or Mommy) on board, he/she is welcome to phone us and we will have a chat with them (or maybe let them get up for baby one night to see how hard it is). Make sure to go show them all the reviews on social media! 

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