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Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. 

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We have been in this business long enough to know that there are various beliefs and understanding around “sleep training”, “crying it out” and “attachment parenting” and we do not believe that one type of parenting is better than the other. You have been chosen as your child’s parent for a reason and thus you should always trust your instincts above all else. If, for example your family co-sleeps and everyone in the family is happy with the arrangement and each family member is getting adequate amount of quality sleep, then who are we to advise you differently? We believe in the fundamental value of quality sleep for everyone in the family. We advise you on how to develop a routine and sleeping schedule to help your child to learn how to sleep better.

Sleep is fundamental to the development of a healthy child, no matter what other challenges your family may face. We have had great success with children with autism, cerebral palsy and other special needs. We are confident in the role we play in improving your child’s sleep with your current health care providers, while remaining within our scope and communicating with our own network of health professionals.

Having a child who has been diagnosed with reflux or colic can be a huge trial for the parents, but even children who struggle with reflux can and should also be taught how to sleep better. We will help you to have healthy expectations of your child when it comes to sleep and it’s also reassuring to know that all our methods are reflux-friendly.

There is no age too young or too old to learn the fundamentals of good quality sleep. With our custom made, individual plans we ensure that our plan and expectations for your baby is age appropriate. Sleeping through the night is a benefit for a child who learns good sleeping habits and is achieved once your baby is ready and able. Prevention is better than cure, so we advise all parents to educate themselves well in advance of the parenting stage to help their children learn the skill of sleeping.

If you wait to teach your child good sleeping habits only once they have stopped teething, you will need to wait a very long time. We believe that teething is very often wrongfully used as an excuse for children who do not sleep well. A good way to test this is to see whether your child shows any other signs of teething during the day. Your baby’s teeth won’t just become bothersome at night, but during the day as well. Essentially, you can use this programme to help your child sleep better even when they are teething. Teething is one of the elements we analyse when we advise on the best sleep plan for you and we will discuss what to do in the future as your child continues to grow and develop.


As another service we offer, we provide in home support for as long as you need us. If you are nervous about implementing change in your home, then let us assist you by being there with you every step of the way. The sleep plan that we provide you in a private consultation is a step-by-step action plan that can be easily implemented. However, if you are sleep deprived, exhausted and or require extra support, we will come to your home and help you through the implementation process. Please also note we have various virtual support options. Please ask your consultant for more information and cost.

It all depends on how difficult you feel the situation is. A workshop/seminar is beneficial for any parent or parent to-be, no matter what their family’s sleep habits look like. However, if you need more hands-on help and you are currently struggling with sleep issues it might be best and more responsible to have a professional assess your situation AND help you through the implementation phase.

The price of a private consultation is based on the child’s age and our pricing structure is calculated at an affordable rate for families, as our passion is sleep! Our prices include our start to finish solution, where we assess your current situation, custom make a plan for your family, take you through the plan in a 90 minute private consultation and support you through the implementation. Let’s be honest, can we really put a price on a Good Night’s Sleep?

We have assisted over 9000 families sleep better, so our methods are tried and tested! Good Night believes that every child is different and thus no generic approach works for all children. We also believe that sleep is influenced by many factors, all of which should be taken into consideration if you want to allow your child to sleep better. Our methods are based on a holistic approach to healthy sleep development for children. We combine knowledge of routine, age appropriate awake times and creation of sustainable sleep associations to support parents in their journey to good sleep for the whole family!

Definitely! Remember, that if your child currently sleeps well, it doesn’t mean that he will sleep well in the future, especially if he hasn’t been taught the correct sleeping habits. Why not start cultivating good habits while you are ahead of inevitable sleep challenges? You may find that your child sleeps even better. It is especially about creating better sleep consistently, not having to worry and wonder if tonight will be good or bad!

We believe that getting a good night’s rest is not about us, but for the benefit of our children. Sleep is a fundamental building block of their development, and well-rested children do better at school as their minds and bodies have adequate time to develop optimally. Sleep is therefore of utmost importance and if you are struggling to get Daddy (or Mommy) on board, he/she is welcome to phone us and we will have a chat with them (or maybe let them get up for baby one night to see how hard it is). Make sure to go show them all the reviews on social media! 

Good Night Questions

After assisting over 9000 families from all over the world in sleeping better we have our own tried and tested methods, which we are constantly revising and perfecting. Each consultant goes through an initial strict 3 month Good Night Training programme before graduating as a certified Good Night Consultant and continues to go through training on a monthly basis, internally or through our network of professionals we work with. As a team of over 20 consultants we work together to ensure to give you a responsible offering every time! As Good Night we strive to keep our service to our clients up to date and pride ourselves in being responsible and accountable for our offering and method. That is why we even took part in a research study with the University of Pretoria on Sleep interventions and parental well-being (HUM051/0619). Good Night also forms part of the Associations of Professional Sleep Consultants where our MD Jolandi Becker is Regional Director for Africa.

Absolutely! We have assisted many families of multiples!

Parents always want to know how long it will take for their children to sleep through. Unfortunately the answer is: “We don’t know”. Every child is different, we ask for 10 – 14 days to implement the changes consistently!

More often than not, it is not your baby who regresses, but rather the parents. Part of the process for us is to help you be prepared for whatever sleep challenges and/or other changes that might occur. However, should you feel that you need additional help or support we can gladly assist by providing an additional quick telephonic catch-up refresher call, and/or email support.

Our consultations now happen virtually and we have successfully assisted thousands of clients from all over the world!

I'm Concerned

We cannot guarantee your baby will not cry. We will be changing your routine and we cannot anticipate how your child will react to the change. Crying is your baby’s and/or toddler’s way of protesting against change, you can expect some objection on their part. However, when it comes to the well-being of our children, we won’t think twice about doing what is best for them. Helping your baby sleep well is not just good for your child but is also good for the whole family. Our promise is that we will never expect you to do something you are not comfortable with. We promise to support you throughout the process. We promise to monitor progress and advise you accordingly.

We believe in giving you a customized sleep plan that will work for you and your family. This means giving you something that you are comfortable with to make it easier on you. We also provide you with support as you implement the plan, so if you need to chat to someone, or whether you need us to check in that you are still on track, or simply need some encouragement or motivation, we are only a phone call away.

We would offer a guarantee if we could prove that you took our advice. The problem is, that like a doctor we cannot prove that you take the medication as prescribed. We believe wholeheartedly in what we do; in a survey we did a while ago we asked our clients to tell us whether they believe that it is value for money – 96% of clients agreed that it was!

Co-sleeping is a personal choice for parents as long as it is done safely. The great thing about the programme is that we work WITH you and we do not tell you what to do. For this reason we will happily discuss the type of sleeping scenario that you would feel comfortable with and we’ll share our views. From there we can put together a plan that you are comfortable with.

Yes! The problem with colicky babies is that the symptoms of cramps and hunger are similar to those of being over tired. We have worked with babies who have been diagnosed with colic but whose symptoms disappeared once they were sleeping better and were following a routine that promoted good sleep habits.

Sleep Questions

This differs widely from child to child, most healthy growing babies can go through the night without a feed between 4 – 6 months BUT an early morning feed is still quite normal up until 9 months of age. The Good Night programme will help guide you to form healthy expectations and determine the building blocks that you need to ensure your baby sleeps through the night when they are ready.

Children do not grow out of sleep problems! Studies have shown that young problem sleepers continue to be problem sleepers as they grow older. You can easily give your child a head start by starting with good sleep habits as young as possible.
There is no age too young or too old to learn the fundamentals of sleep. With our custom made, individual plans we ensure that our plan and expectations for your baby is age appropriate. Sleeping through the night is a benefit for a child who learns good sleeping habits and comes once your baby is ready and able. Prevention is better than cure, so we advise all parents to educate themselves well in advance of the parenting stage to help their children learn the skill of sleeping well.

We are not medical professionals and would never advise against what a medical professional has prescribed. Medication is often prescribed as a temporary solution to help parents cope with the lack of sleep BUT is very seldom recommended long term

Due to the fact that crying is a baby’s only form of communication it is difficult to determine what the cause it, hence why tackling the sleep issues with a professional can assist. With years of experience and thousands of families assisted we know what is within the norm.

Environmental factors are only one of the building blocks of good quality sleep and even though it must be in place and can aid in improving sleep it will seldom fix the issues completely. No specialcream, special diet, special sleep blanket or taglet, or any other sleep “product” will on its own help your baby to sleep well. Although these products might help, they are just tools that form part of a toolbox and cannot be used in isolation. Don’t waste your money on products that promise sleep – rather hire a sleep consultant who can teach you how to improve your baby’s sleep in a holistic manner.

We assist children up till the age of 13 years old. We believe that it is never too late to learn good sleeping habits. We will assess the situation that you’re facing and will advise accordingly.