Why Sleep Training Is The Same As Being On a Banting Diet

By Good Night Consultant You must have lived in isolation for the last year if you have not yet heard about Tim Noakes and his Banting (High-Fat, Low-Carb) diet. It is the dieting craze that has taken South Africa by storm. I love the fact that waiters no longer give me strange looks when I […]

Stopping Night Feeds In The Young Toddler

BY Ann Richardson It is important to note that everyone wakes up spontaneously many times during the night. So, even if your toddler is ‘sleeping through’ the fact is that he is probably waking up at least 4 – 5 times a night. Most of the time he will simply stir, turn over or call […]

Sensory Influences On Sleep

BY Megan Faure If your baby isn’t sleeping well, you are in good company – more than 50% of babies have sleep problems in the first three years of life. Sleep is definitely the most complex of all infant behaviours so it’s no wonder it’s the one that provides the greatest challenge in the early […]

Sleep Training – In or Out?

By Good Night Consultant In South Africa, the controversial “sleep training” debate has heated up considerably over the last few months. With so many puritan views on the subject, it’s difficult to discern which information is objective, honest and suitable for everyday families. With the vast amount of books out there, how do you decide […]

Toddlers And Sleep

By Good Night Consultant “My toddler gets out of his crib!” I very often receive a frantic phone call from parents, wanting to know HOW to stop their toddler from climbing out of his/her cot. How come they sleep so soundly and then, within seconds, clamber dangerously towards their freedom? My little bundle of toddlerness […]

Interesting Sleep Research

By Good Night Consultant Good Night belongs to various internationally accredited associations, and as such, we have the privilege of accessing a wealth of information regarding sleep. Some of the very interesting information recently published includes: • A study completed by The University of South Australia following 690,747 children from 20 countries, dating from 1905 […]

SIDS Explained

By Good Night Consultant One of the scariest things for all parents is the reality of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the unexplained, unexpected death of a baby who is less than one year old. Because it usually occurs when the infant is sleeping, it is sometimes called “cot death”. What catapults SIDS […]

Goodnight’s Nutrition Fact File

By Good Night Consultant Here’s the low-down on Goodnight’s take for guiding families in instilling healthy eating habits in their children from a young age. Our resident go-to health-fundi, Nicci Robertson, provides us with savvy facts about being mindful and engaging when it comes to fuelling the family. Nicci is the founder of the Re-Invent […]

Traveling with Babies and Toddlers.

If you’re panicking that travelling with your baby or toddler could be even more stressful than it’s worth, or that their sleep routine will be ruined, then follow these tips for easy travel Travelling A lot of parents worry that once their toddler is in a good bedtime and sleep routine, it’s difficult to travel, […]

Going Out? Is Your Life Over When You Have a Baby?

By Good Night Consultant When clients ask me: “What do we do when we want to go out during our baby’s sleep time?” I ask them: “Did you not know your life ends when you have children?” Of course, this is a joke! But, as with all things “baby”, I really believe it is very […]