Interesting Sleep Research


By Good Night Consultant

Good Night belongs to various internationally accredited associations, and as such, we have the privilege of accessing a wealth of information regarding sleep. Some of the very interesting information recently published includes:

• A study completed by The University of South Australia following 690,747 children from 20 countries, dating from 1905 to 2008 determined that there are decreasing sleep times occurring across all age groups. The conclusion of this study published in 2012 is that it is possible that children today are more sleep-deprived than their parents or grandparents were as children.

• In 2013 the University of Colorado published some findings in an article: “Dissonance Between Parent-Selected Bedtimes and Young Children’s Circadian Physiology Influences Night time Settling Difficulties”. One of the things they measured in this study is Melatonin production, which is the hormone that is essential for humans to feel sleepy. The conclusion of this study showed that thirty minutes is a pretty good interval for a bedtime routine. If it’s anything under 30 minutes, those children are much more likely to have problems falling asleep. This study’s the first to say that physiology also plays a really significant role [in bedtime resistance].

• Another study I recently came across claims that children with bad sleeping habits will develop into adults that don’t sleep well.

These findings are both interesting and relevant to how we approach sleep habits with our children. It also gives us insight into how we can change our own sleep habits in order to wake up feeling refreshed and alert each day.

The Good Night sleep consultants are equipped with the latest research regarding sleep, in order to be the voice of reason to the emotional, sleep deprived parent. The promise of a Good Night’s rest can be realised with our savvy, kind, tailor-made solutions for your little one’s sleep health.

Here’s to a Good Night 😉