BlokoBloko Blockout Blind

BlokoBloko Blockout Blind

Made from 100% block-out fabric, our versatile and easy-to-install blackout blinds are ultra-lightweight, removable, and reusable. Use it to turn day to night instantly, and enjoy better sleep or relaxation, at home or away. It s a must-have if you re a parent struggling to get your child to sleep in the daytime or during the summer months when the sun refuses to go down in the evenings!

Our multifunctional Blockout blind also offers you instant privacy. Plus it’s effective in eliminating irritating glare on TV or computer screens. Best of all, it’s portable. So you can use it in your office, at home, AND take it with you on your travels.

Cut the blackout fabric to size if you want the perfect fit, or keep the original size and reuse the blackout blind on a different window at a later stage. Two or more blinds can be used together to cover a larger window.

Install in 5 easy steps:
1. Measure the window glass
2. Cut the blackout fabric to size (our special blackout fabric does not fray)
3. Stick on the velcro strips
4. Add the suction cups
5. Attach to the window!

What we like about this blackout blind is that is is plain in color and will blend in easily with any theme.

What’s in the large (138cm x 198cm) bag:
1 x Blockout Blind Fabric
12 x Customised Suction Cups
12 x Velcro (Loop) Strips
1 x Cotton Storage/Travel Bag

What’s in the small (138cm x 98cm ) blind bag

1 x Block out Blind Fabric
10 x customised suction cups
10 x Velcro (loop) strips
1 x Cotton Storage/Travel Bag

For South African residents only