• Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
  • Bachelors in Dietetics

“Nag Hasie” by Amanda Wood

Telling my loved ones how special they are to me.

“Following the same approach to achieve better sleep will work with every child.” Following a one size fits all approach to improve sleep is irresponsible and the chances of success are not guaranteed. Sleep interventions must be individualized, holistic and suite the unique parenting style and routine of every household.

Guiding your child to achieve age-appropriate sleep patterns has benefits above just getting better sleep. Good sleep impacts a child’s immune system, growth, ability to regulate emotions and provides them with safety and security because they know what is expected of them.

“All babies are the same and they will sleep through eventually.” Every child is unique, and the approach followed to reach better sleep must also be unique. Small changes in different areas will increase your chances of achieving better sleep.

Combine the following for a good night’s sleep:

  • Nurturing love
  • Safe and secure sleep environment
  • A full tummy
  • Age-appropriate naps
  • A comforting bedtime routine

Like all other aspects of parenting, sleep is also a discipline. A child must gently be guided to follow an age-appropriate sleep schedule. Better sleep can only be achieved through following a holistic approach, this will benefit both the parents and child.

“Thula Baba”, a Zulu lullaby. This soothing lullaby reassures children that their loved ones will return and that they can rest peacefully.

Mignon Koortzen

I am the soon to be mother of two beautiful children. My husband and I are blessed to raise our children in the Northern Cape on the banks of the Orange river. I am also a registered dietitian. My approach to parenting and relationships is very gentle and I will never expect a family to implement any sleep intervention that I will not be willing to implement myself. I love sharing in the joy experienced by a family when their little one is sleeping better and strongly believe that the process of sleep conditioning should be an empowering process to every caregiver.