• Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
  • BA Degree in Humanities
  • PGC in Education

If a baby goes to sleep later at night they will wake up later in the morning.

It has the ability to make everyone in the household much happier!

 It’s just a phase – things will get better…

Consistent bedtime routine

Keep to age appropriate awake times

Twinkle twinkle little star

Chrisna Theart

I am a Boesmanland farm girl, growing up in the small town of Kakamas, now situated in the idyllic town of George.  I am happily married to the most amazing and supportive husband and we are blessed with a beautiful and busy boy!

My journey with Good Night started when I sleep trained my then 7 month old boy.  On top of the MUCH better sleep, we as a family found so much more joy in our everyday living, being well rested. 

I feel privileged to be in the position of helping other families sleep better, as it is so rewarding!