What Makes Good Night Different


By Good Night Consultant

I had an unsettling call this morning from a lady who was in tears. She had been following an individual’s advice who called herself a “sleep expert’s”. As a result, the woman’s 10 month old baby had been vomiting; crying inconsolably for up to three hours in the middle of the night, and this had been going on for five weeks.

I was overcome with great despair for this woman’s predicament. She had invested in services but that were supposed to offer guidance and help, but she was still feeling helpless and was hopeless at the prospect of finding a solution to enable the baby to sleep better. The woman was sleep deprived, disappointed and was ready to give up on parenthood altogether.

I wished that she had come to us first…

If you are not familiar with Good Night, please allow me to explain why we should be the first sleep consultancy you consider:

1. Good Night consultants undergo rigorous training and are affiliated to credible institutions

I was a pioneer in launching Good Night in South Africa after receiving extensive training from the world renowned sleep expert and founder of SleepSense™, Dana Obleman. Good Night is approved by the Sleep Medicine Board of South Africa, and the programme is also promoted by the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, of which I am the director for the Africa region.

2. Our success rate

Our testimonials speak for themselves. Having helped hundreds of families to experience restful nights, there is a reason we can be trusted in our methods and strategies. We are recommended by paediatricians, nurses and medical professionals nationally and have helped clients as far afield as Thailand and Australia. Don’t take our word for it, read the unedited case-studies that come flooding in!

3. Our support

We don’t believe in just giving a client a piece of paper and saying “good luck”. Implementing change is difficult enough, and even more challenging when implemented by often sleep-deprived parents who lack confidence. We offer 24/7 support to our clients to hold their hand through difficult times, and celebrate the victories. Being a parent is unbelievably difficult, and we know that, so we are there to guide you through changing times.

4. Our holistic approach to sleep

We don’t believe that any two children are the same and try and handle each client with a fresh perspective. We don’t believe in one method and/or one approach, but rather try and provide every client a process that will result in sleep success. Sleep is not a simple process and should never be handled as such. Isolated “sleep training” could do more harm than good and should be approached from all angles.

5. Our professionalism

Professional customer service is the core of our business and all our consultants strive to deliver a professional service from start to finish.

6. Our passion for sleep

Above all else, we are passionate about sleep and believe that every child and every parent deserves the gift of Good Night’s sleep. This is definitely not something we just “do for a living”.

7. We don’t give up

When consulting, we handle our processes much the same as a medical professional would – with a process of elimination. We need to assess how your child and family reacts to the changes that we suggest and from there we are able make changes with the parent that work best for the family. We work with parents until we are confident that a successful outcome has been achieved.

8. We believe that the parents are the primary experts regarding their child

If parents are not comfortable with our plan or suggested methods, we encourage discussions and work with the client to get to an optimal solution. We wholeheartedly believe in a parent’s innate instinct and the parent’s ability to understand his/her child and we respect that the parents are the primary custodians for their child’s wellbeing.

I hope this has given you an insight into our ethos and method of business, as well as the way in which our services are offered. Think carefully before you trust someone with your most valued possession – your child. For more information about Good Night and our services, please visit: www.goodnightbaby.co.za.

Here’s to a Good Night,