Covid 19 – sleep sweet


By Karola Marais – Good Night Sleep Consultant

34 days of love, surprise, calm, anxiety, sadness, boredom, extra time, lack of motivation and sleep. This is what most household here in Namibia were and are currently facing.

Anxiety and stress are terrible for sleep. Those feelings can result in sleepless nights and unsettled days, leaving us chronically exhausted.

Luckily for my family of 3, sleep during this time of stress was not a problem. Being able to give a kiss and say good night as your little one goes off to dreamland with peace in the house is wonderful! This helps to bring calm into the house after a stressful day.

Parents might feel the stress of a lockdown situation, while little ones generally experience boredom and a lack of motivation. Not being able to see their friends is the largest punishment during this period. During this time, an hour’s nap during the day is welcoming for both mom and kids to be able to forget about the current situation. Naps are the time where mom can do her work, as she does not need to keep an eye on little children who constantly redesign the house!

Knowing sleep is not a problem in our house makes the whole lockdown situation much easier and the family healthier as we are well-rested. A good sleep routine also helps to maintain the love and happiness in a marriage.

In fact, as Iowa State University sleep psychologist Zlatan Krizan has noted:

“Sleep is one of the most protective and restorative factors in human life. Slumber is essential for thinking clearly and staying upbeat during any time. Moreover, sleep is indispensable for maintaining immunological function, which is key to preventing and recovering from infectious diseases like COVID-19. Losing sleep makes people more susceptible to viral infections, and it undermines recovery from the common cold as well as more serious conditions. For this lethally stealthy bug, it may be even more important.”

If you are feeling extra tired these days, be kind to yourself and sleep. Sweet dreams!