• Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
  • Occupational therapy
  • Associate degree in Psychology
  • Somatology

Oh the places you’ll go’ by Dr Seuss

A firm pillow, brushed teeth and duvet

That your child needs your continual help in order to sleep.

That whether or not a parent minds getting up for a child and having their sleep disrupted, it still remains in the CHILD’S best interest for them to sleep through the night without interruptions.

“Your child needs to learn how to adapt to your lifestyle so that you can still live your life as you want to.”

Trust me, everyone’s sleep and sanity will suffer if you don’t put some structure in place. And you’ll find that there’s a wonderful middle ground where both you and the child can win.

  1. A caring, loving and playful home.
  2. Flexible day routine with consistent naps.
  3. A bedtime routine that makes them feel special, provides ample parent attention, void of battles and full of affection.
  4. A kiss and a cuddle, and a last check-in once they’re asleep to remind yourself how blessed you are.

Once your child has learnt healthy sleep practices, you’ve set the foundation. And this will be invaluable as they will change many times throughout the next few years and you will need to adapt accordingly. But if the sleep foundation is strong, if your child has learnt the skills needed to sleep, your journey will be far less bumpy and you’ll all get much more sleep.

Jesus loves the little children

Tammy Buitendach

I’m a Pretoria local who still calls this town home. I’ve grown up with a love and passion for children since before I can remember. If asked what I wanted to be one day, my answer was “a mom”. And I’m living the dream as I have two amazing little ones.


I embarked on the journey to becoming a sleep consultant after the value I found in sleep training my own babies. I believe that a happy mom, a rested mom, and a mom who sees success as a parent, is an empowered mom. She’s a mom who is better equipped at dealing with parenting challenges, she’s capable of giving her child the best of her, and she can dish out ample love.

I have a passion to help families be the happiest versions of themselves. For moms to be successful, radiate confidence, and for children to get sufficient sleep, especially in a world where sleep is no longer a priority.