About Salome Botes

Vaaldriehoek, Alberton & Northern Cape

Qualifications BEd Foundation Phase Teacher
Favourite bedtime story for kids
Die avonture van Jakkals en Wolf
One thing I never go to sleep without
My pillow.  This item is very well traveled.
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep
If you cope with only two or three hours sleep, that is all you need.  Sleep is important, getting enough sleep to feel rested and recharge is vital.
One thing all parents must know about sleep
Sleep has an influence on a wide variety of things.  Your mood, your baby/toddler/child’s mood, eating, growing and development.
Worst sleep advice
Now that you have a baby, you will never sleep again.
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
As hard as it sometimes is, let go of the day, tomorrow is a new day with new challenges. Breath, relax and get some rest to deal with what life is bringing on the next day.  When you are well rested, the mountain does not feel that big.
Best sleep tip for parents
Prevention is better than cure.  Know what to expect, know what is normal and what not.
Favorite bedtime lullaby
Any song I make up by using a word given to me by my son, but I keep it calm during bedtime.