• Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant

The Usborne Phonetics series, with titles such as the Fat Cat on a Mat; the children love it – especially the older children. The books are very well illustrated. These books do not have scary storylines either, which is ideal to be read just before bed

Brushing my teeth and my iPhone!

Putting your child to bed later at night means they will sleep better!

Once your little one is sleeping through the night, you will wonder why you never did the sleep training months before!

Your baby will grow out of his bad habits! He won’t!

A good bedtime routine, with the same activities every night so the baby knows what is coming next.

Be consistent in whatever method you use.

Raylene de Villiers

Raylene is a mom to 4 year old triplet girls, and she also has a 2 year old son. With four children under the age of 4 , the only way for her to get a good night’s rest was to instil good sleeping habits when her children were very young. All four children were successfully sleeping through the night from 4 months of age by using all the methods that Good Night recommends.

By profession Raylene is a scientist with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, but her passion lies in helping others. This is the perfect vocation for Raylene, as she’s able to use her background in research as well as the skills she developed in raising triplets + 1. She’s a certified Good Night sleep consultant who can successfully teach parents how to help their own children sleep well.