The Dreamy Days White Noise Machine | Dream Pod

Create the perfect sleep environment with the Dream Pod.

Assisting with deeper, more restorative sleep for your little one. The continuous calming sound of white noise will help your little one drift between their sleep cycles and stay in the zone for sleep.

The Dream Pod, can last up to 12 hours once fully charged ,without being plugged in.
To charge, place the USB cord (Supplied with the product) into any USB port.
What does the Dream Pod include:
29 non looping sounds- White noise, fetal sounds, fan sounds and nature sounds

8 Colour night light function- Brightness and colour can be adjusted according to personal preference. An ideal night light for changes in the middle of the night, with a soft dim glow maintaing a dark room and your little one able to stay in the sleep zone

Timer setting- 30-60-90 minutes or permanently on

Memory function- Last setting will be recorded

Charging Time- 2.5 hours

Product Size- L96.7 X W79.1 X H112.5mm

Rechargeable battery- Portable and travel friendly

White noise befits are:
-Knowing it is time to sleep (White noise is a sleep cue)
-Drowns out noise in the home allowing for uninterrupted peaceful sleep
-Mimics the sounds of the womb, which creates calmness and security
-Allows your baby or toddler to link sleep cycles to stay asleep

-Trains the brain to relax
For South African residents only