Dream Pod Mini | White Noise Machine & Night Light

The Dream Pod Mini, White Noise Machine and Night Light is designed and manufactured on the foundation of sleep research, holding key features that make it unique and allow it to assist with better sleep.

The Dream Pod Mini is light, compact and stylish, allowing you as a modern parent to use it on the go and within your little one’s sleep space.

The Dream Pod Mini can last up to 12 hours once fully charged, without being plugged in (This is dependent on volume level and light usage)

To charge, place the USB cord (Supplied with the product), into any USB port.

What does the Dream Pod Mini Include:

17 Non-looping Sounds- White noise, pink noise, fetal, fan and nature

1 Colour night light function- The Dream Pod Mini has a warm red LED light. Based off sleep research the exposure to the colour red with feeds and changes in the night, minimizes stimulation and promotes Melatonin (The Sleep Hormone)

Timer Setting- 30-60-90 or permanently on (We recommend you have the Dream Pod Mini on permanently for naps and night sleep)

Product Size- L100 X W30 X H100mm

Rechargable Battery- Portable and Travel Friendly

Luxury Travel bag included