About Petro Thamm
Petro Thamm, former Regional Director (Africa) of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, was the only certified sleep consultant in South Africa, trained by Dana Obleman from Sleep Sense TM Institute in America and founded Good Night – Child Sleep Consultancy. She specialized in baby and toddler sleep and helping parents struggling with their child’s sleep by using positive sleep solutions and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy type treatments.
She studied BA (Marketing Communication) at the University of Johannesburg and has a background in marketing and social media. However, it was when her son was born that her life changed completely – not just socially but also professionally. After four months of waking up every 45 minutes she searched all over the world for help and her journey to better sleep eventually lead her to train in America to become the first Sleep Sense consultant in Africa. Her son’s transformation made such an impact on her that she decided to dedicate her professional life to helping families in Africa; educating them on the importance, relevance and manageable aspects of child, toddler and baby sleep.


Since the humble beginnings of the start of the business, she has helped hundreds of families to better sleep and further educates herself in the spheres of neuroscience, nutrition, toddler discipline, breastfeeding and other baby and sleep related matters. She believes sleep is the fundamental building block of healthy living and considers the education around better sleep as a passion, more than a job.


She lives in Centurion, South Africa with her family.

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant – Sleep Sense (USA)
BA(Marketing Communication) – University of Johannesburg
Diploma in Social Media – University of Cape Town
Certified by the South African Association of Sleep Medicine
African Regional Director for the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants
Diploma: Sleep Consulting from International Maternity Institute
Happiest baby on the block educator
Favourite bedtime story for kids
Little Red Riding Hood. I just love the “I huffed and I puffed” part.
One thing I never go to sleep without
Grabbing my pillow. I am addicted to my own squishy pillow.
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep
Is that some people are just genetically predisposed to sleep well.
One thing all parents must know about sleep
Babies are not born with the inherent ability to be able to sleep well, just as they are not born with the ability to walk. You must just help teach them how to do it.
Worst sleep advice
“Keep your baby on a four-hour feed schedule during the day then he/she will sleep better at night.”
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
Routine, knowledge and love.
Best sleep tip for parents
Prioritise your child’s sleep. It is a vital building block to their development.