About Karola Marais


I love to be outside in Nature with my Family. Like to organize events. Will do everything to help and respect my fellow friends.
Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
Diploma in Somatology
Favourite bedtime story for kids
The Farm
One thing I never go to sleep without
My cushion
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep

Your brain adapts so that it can function just as well on less sleep

Fun Fact: Although people can get used to decreased amounts of sleep, with their circadian rhythms adjusting, continued lack of sleep poses health consequences. People whose sleep is restricted do report that their feelings of sleepiness level off, yet their inability to stay awake increases.

One thing all parents must know about sleep
If your child gets enough of it, it will change your and your children’s life into something amazing.
Worst sleep advice
To let your child sleep in front of a TV
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
Best sleep tip for parents
Follow your instinct, you are an awesome mom.
Favourite bedtime lullaby
Feng Huang Relaxing – Calming Bedtime Baby Song