About Jonel Basson

Cape Town Southern Suburbs

“I was born and raised in beautiful Cape Town. I am a wife and a mom of two busy boys, ages 5 and 2 years old. My husband and kids are my whole life! Both of my boys have slept beautifully from a young age, after receiving some help from Good Night in 2013. This is where my journey with Good Night started. I am a qualified occupational therapist, who worked with children in a private practice before becoming a mother myself. I have a passion for helping children and their parents and working together as a team. Good Night fits in perfectly with my background on early child development as well as the skills I’ve developed in raising my own children and helping them to sleep well.”
Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
B.Occupational Therapy (University of Stellenbosch)
Favourite bedtime story for kids
“Guess How Much I Love You”
One thing I never go to sleep without
My pillow
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep
Once your baby becomes a toddler you can make bedtime later at night.
One thing all parents must know about sleep
It is normal for all babies, children and even adults to wake up a couple of times at night.
Worst sleep advice
If you put your little one to bed a little later, he/she will be more tired and therefore sleep better and sleep a little later.
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
Predictable day routine, consistent awake times, good quality feeds/meals, bedtime and nap time routines, a comfort object, a consistent sleep zone, a sleep-friendly environment and most importantly… the skill of falling asleep without relying on anyone else.
Best sleep tip for parents
Keep to your little one’s awake times during the day and you’re one step closer to having a good night’s rest!
Favourite bedtime lullaby
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star