• Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
  • ND Real Estate International BASI
  • Pilates mat instructor

A nice warm bath and cup of tea

That babies will sleep later if they are put to bed later.

Children need a good nights sleep of between 11 – 12 hours a night for optimum growth and development.

Skipping naps in the hope of achieving a better nights sleep.

An early bedtime, a consistent routine and a whole lot of love 😊

Remain as consistent as possible when it comes to your bedtime routine and rules. Children feel safe when they know what is expected of them.

Hush little baby

Janine Rudwick

My family is the most important thing in my life. I am spoilt with a supporting husband who always believes in me and two gorgeous children. They are the light of my life and have helped me to find my true calling. I have a big love for helping people and have done so throughout my career of over 10 years in real estate. I decided to switch to a career giving me more time with my children, while allowing me to fuel my passion for helping others. During 2019 I qualified as a Pilates instructor and then went on to start my journey as a Good Night sleep consultant. I LOVE what I do and I can’t wait to join many more families on their journey to better sleep and a happier healthier lifestyle.