Why hiring skilled moms makes good business sense.

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Times are tough and if you own or manage your own business you know how difficult it can be to find fit for purpose people. In fact, it’s hard to find people full stop. But the way we work is changing and there is a pool of highly skilled people that have thus far being largely overlooked in the hiring process – skilled moms.

In today’s ever-changing world which faces increasing economic challenges, these highly skilled group of women can give you the competitive edge, and here’s why:

1.)  They bring instant skill to a business in a time of need

Skilled moms are essentially knowledge workers who have a specific skill to offer a business at any given time. Often, the need is only temporary and so employing someone permanently does not always make sense. Skilled moms come from varying backgrounds, have often studied extensively and have gained years of work experience before having children. But with this life change they are looking for more flexibility and autonomy and can offer their considerable knowledge to companies on a more ad hoc basis. From Actuaries to Zoologists, it is like having a pool of experts on tap that you can call on whenever the need arises.

2.)  Flexible workers are more productive than full-time employees.

Research studies have shown that part-time or flexible workers are more productive per hour than full time employees. For employers this means that the output vs pay ratio for a part-time employee is far higher than a full-time employee. Employers get more “bang” for their buck.

3.)  Flexible workers are less likely to job hop.

It is costly to train new staff and today’s Millennial workforce constantly job-hops to get ahead.  Hiring a skilled mom who is a career part-timer is a good way to reduce staff turnover. Career part-timers are not necessarily looking to build a fast moving career; their priorities are for the stage of life that they are at and whatever allows them flexibility.

4.)  You don’t have to pay corporate rates for the same skill

Many skilled moms come out of internationally recognised companies or consultancies and offer the same consulting service at a much lower rate than corporates.  Why? Because they have a much lower cost structure. Small to medium companies that might not consider hiring a large consulting or advisory firm can now hire the same level of skill via agencies such as RecruitMyMom.

5.)  Moms have developed skills that are proven to help build a business.

Everyone knows that diversity helps build the bottom line of an organisation, not because it is politically correct, but because diverse thinking and skills brings about enhanced creativity. Mothers develop skills, which when brought into an organisation, can foster a culture of empathy, team work and group participation. They are master negotiators and encouragers; making excellent mentors and coaches for younger employees.

There is a new wave of thinking when it comes to how we work in the 21st Century and there are thousands of skilled moms looking for a more flexible approach to their careers. At RecruitMyMom we pride ourselves in bringing these two needs together and in finding just the right expertise for your business for as long as you need it.

Written by

Phillipa Geard

CEO and Founder RecruitMyMom.co.za