About Hantie Labuschagne

Hartbeespoort, Brits, Rustenburg

Hantie is a mother of 3 beautiful children and married to her husband for 8 years! Her son is 6 years old and her twin girls are 3 years. Their journey with Good Night started when her son was 5 months old.  He was waking up few times a night and had terribly short naps.  Within 3 days he was sleeping like a champ and still do ever since!  Their road with the twins was quite different as they were premature (33 weeks) and typically had reflux and was colicky for the first few months.  She tried applying everything she knew but she just couldn’t manage and then called in Good Night again.  It was more of a struggle with them but eventually they got them sleeping through the night, in the same room and also napping for longer.  Being a Good Night Consultant was always in the back of her mind, so she finally took the plunge and now doing what she loves!  It is incredible to see the change in babies, children and parents when everyone is sleeping well. It is also wonderful to do something that she so strongly believe in.
Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
Bachelor in Physiotherapy
NQF 4 qualified Real Estate Consultant
Favourite bedtime story for kids
“Timmertak” from the “Storieman” books
One thing I never go to sleep without
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep
That our kids will just magically grow out of bad sleeping habits.  There probably are some lucky parents but in general it doesn’t happen that way.
One thing all parents must know about sleep
Our children needs it and it is part of our job as parents to make sure that they get enough quality sleep!  You also don’t have to sacrifice your parenting style or believes to ensure that your child sleep.  There are so many things you can do to achieve this!
Worst sleep advice
Replacing breastfeeding with formula will make baby sleep better.
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
Good nutrition during the day, calming bedtime routine, less screen time and an early bedtime.  And the expectation that your child can and will do this!
Best sleep tip for parents
Sometimes, we as parents, are standing in the way of our children’s sleep.  Do research and try to be objective when looking at your child’s problem. And always keep in mind that if your child sleeps well, you also sleep well!
Favourite bedtime lullaby
“Jesus loves me”.  I sang it to the twins when they were in NICU and still get tears in my eyes when I sing it and remember their small bodies against my chest!