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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The most comfortable pajamas ever. The bigger the t-shirt, the better.

When parents believe that their young children sleep much better during the night when they have not had a nap during the day. Also, that the later they go to bed, the later they will sleep in the morning.

I believe that all parents should know and understand the importance of a day routine for each of their children, no matter the age. Children feel secure when they know what is happening in their day. The importance of consistency and that good and adequate sleep goes hand in hand with healthy brain development and is a bonus for their child’s general health.

Let your child cry it out – they will be fine.” NO (my opinion)

Good protein dinner, bath & bedtime routine. Calm environment, low lights, slow movements and quiet voices. Every night it needs to be the exact same process as the child will know what to expect and it will become normal and something they get used to.

Establish good day routines that deliver good night sleep. Good diet = Good sleep. Good sleep is beneficial for the entire family.

Blackbird – The Beatles (It’s not really a lullaby, but it’s what I always sang)

Carmen Botes

I grew up in the Boland, in Paarl. Went to 1 school all my life, from pre-primary all the way to matric. Both my parents are German, so I grew up with German as our house language, Afrikaans with my cousins and later learnt English at school. After school, I went to study Hospitality and Catering Services at Boland College in Stellenbosch.


After Stellenbosch, I moved to London, my Husband and I lived and worked together all those years in the Antique Jewellery industry. In 2012 my Son Luca was born in London and soon after we moved back to South Africa. In 2014, my Daughter Mia was born. It was fun being a housewife and Mom, but I wanted to do more. I knew about Good Night through a friend who helped me with my daughter to sleep better. This opportunity could not have come at a better time in my life. Kids are at school, and I have the time to give my full attention to something I love doing. It is such a rewarding job, to help other parents who are struggling daily, when all they need is some good guidance and the right techniques.