About Carla Kriel

Pretoria East

I grew up and matriculated in a small town just outside Pretoria. Whilst studying Law at the University of Pretoria I fell in love with my best friend instead of the law. We got married in 2008 and had a beautiful daughter in 2014.

I have 5 years retail experience and 5 years marketing experience but the corporate world just wasn’t for me.

I am a true Piscean spiritual, curious, gentle and a true dreamer.  I have a passion for helping people and would like to think that through giving parents and their children the gift of sleep I am helping in my own small way.

Favourite bedtime story for kids
One thing I never go to sleep without
A cup of chamomile tea
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep
Some children just sleep better than others
One thing all parents must know about sleep
Teaching our children to sleep well is one of our duties as parents; it is never too early or too late to install healthy sleeping habits in your child
Worst sleep advice
Keep your baby up later in the evenings; it will make them sleep later in the mornings
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
A full stomach and a set routine
Best sleep tip for parents
Your child’s development is directly influenced by his sleeping habits