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From one Women to the next

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Women’s Day forms part of South Africa’s Women’s Month which provides an opportunity to pay tribute to

All about Comfort Items

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Consultant We’ve all seen it – the absolutely adorable baby or toddler who has a favourite blankie/bear/security object

Parental Preference

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant It is quite typical that many children appear to have a parental preference for one parent/caregiver even when

When the ENT comes to the rescue

By Dr Nina du Toit – ENT and Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant Sleep is so essential for our children’s overall development and health,

Breastfeeding and fasting in Ramadan

By Nishaat Jano Mukuddem from Back to Nurture Doula and lactation support services Ramadan is the holy month where Muslims across the world abstain from

Your toddler’s Bedtime Battles

By O’hara Kydd – Good Night Consultant Getting your toddler to go to bed can be a struggle and in some cases an all out

Languages of Love

By Angelique Dormehl – Good Night Consultant Sometimes I wish that my children would know how much I love and care for them.  I drive

Starting the year with BETTER sleep

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night As a mom who has been sleeping well for quite some time (if you have the secret

Sleep and Solids

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant As a sleep consultant, one thing I am aware of, is how desperate moms are to get their

Why Doesn’t Sleep Training Work?

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Working in the baby/parenting industry I know that there are many topics that can cause a big

Through the eyes of a parent

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant There are very few parents that embark on the sleep training journey without some level of fear, misconception,

Let’s Talk about PND

By Ohara Kydd – Good Night Consultant In the weeks leading up to the birth of my daughter, I remember waking multiple times a night

Active children sleep better

By Anke Scherman – Good Night Consultant Exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health In our home, generally

Room Sharing vs Own Room Sleep for Babies

By Carmen Botes – Good Night Consultant At Good Night there are so many aspects we have to take into consideration when guiding parents to

It is discipline, not punishment.

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant Teaching a baby how to sleep is essentially providing them with sufficient space to learn a skill that

Creating a perfect sleeping environment

By Anneri van Rooyen – Good Night Sleep Consultant Creating a sleep-friendly environment for your child is an essential factor to provide a good night’s

Naps Take Longer

By Tammy Buitendach – Good Night Consultant As parents embark on their journey with us, they are delighted when, improvement in their baby’s  night time

How to Improve your Child’s immune system

By Dr Maretha Combrink With the COVID-19 pandemic it is especially important to understand that no supplement, diet, or other lifestyle modification other than physical

Why so dark?

By Marilize Coetzee – Good Night Sleep Consultant Lights out is a well-known phrase over many years, indicating it is bedtime, however there is more

Separation anxiety in babies

By Magriet Rothman – Good Night Sleep Consultant At around 6 months of age, babies reach a big developmental milestone. They start to perceive relationships,

Understanding the sleep training Process

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Sleep Consultant When it comes to implementing changes with regards to your child’s sleep, there are some important

Top tips to bring down your child’s fever

By Paediatrician Dr Enrico Maraschin Temperature is the body’s natural response to an infection. The infection may either be viral or bacterial. Children may also

What makes a Good Nanny Great?

By Angelique Dormehl – Good Night Consultant Being a great nanny requires more than having a truck load of patience and a genuine love for

Sleep Training and Daycare

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Daycare is a reality for children of working parents.  For some it might not affect sleep much

Surviving the festive season

By Raylene de Villiers – Good Night Consultant I think most of us are looking forward to having a bit of a break this festive

When should my toddler stop napping?

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Sleep Consultant I don’t know about you, but as a mom of three, I LOVED nap times for

Transition from Two to One Nap

By Ohara Kydd – Good Night Sleep Consultant The first thing I learned when becoming a parent and a sleep consultant is that change is

Moving from Cot to Bed

By Carla Kriel – Good Night Sleep Consultant Moving from a cot to a bed can be an exciting time for your child, but you

Being kind to myself

By Alana Chinhara – Good Night Sleep Consultant I never got around to making the lists that everyone has been making during lockdown.  From what

Sleeping and lockdown

By Megan Heuer – Good Night Sleep Consultant I am a routine-driven mom. I am not a hyper-scheduler, but in our family we enjoy gentle rhythms

Covid 19 – sleep sweet

By Karola Marais – Good Night Sleep Consultant 34 days of love, surprise, calm, anxiety, sadness, boredom, extra time, lack of motivation and sleep. This

When Nutrition effects Toddler Sleep

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night We don’t often relate bad eating to bad sleeping when it comes to toddlers (12 – 36

Finding our new normal

By Anneri van Rooyen – Good Night Sleep Consultant Just over a month ago, Corona was only known to some as an alcoholic beverage that


By Jennifer Quinn-Kent – Good Night Sleep Consultant When I think of “lock down” the first thought that comes to mind is an episode of

Covid-19 Hindsight

By Sarah Bibi Patel – Good Night Sleep Consultant Hindsight is 2020. Or so they say. And certainly, the year 2020 will go down in

Ways to keep healthy during lockdown

By Natascha Olivier – Dietician and Lactation Consultant The Covid-19 virus and accompanying lockdown has left us with many questions and uncertainties, and has resulted

Improving your stress through sleep

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night I think we can all agree that the last couple of days has resulted in quite an

Weighted Blankets – the low down

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night The popularity of weighted blankest has increased in the last couple of years. However,  these blankets have

When Nutrition Can Influence Sleep

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night As sleep consultants we rarely advise on nutritional problems and always refer our clients to registered dieticians

The Joy of two

By Megan Heuer – Good Night Consultant Most people warned me how difficult it was going to be, adjusting from one child to two and how

Sleep Regressions

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Sleep regressions can be quite challenging for both parents and little ones. There are many regressions and some

Sleep training is Voldemort

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Once again recently I came face-to-face with the question of whether I am for or against sleep

Your Baby’s Sleep Journey

By Salomé Botes – Good Night Sleep Consultant I work with parents daily, and I hear many of the same questions, things parents are unsure

Toddler Screen Time

By Raylene de Villiers – Good Night Sleep Consultant We have all been there – you show your two-year-old a real photograph of someone and

Breastfeeding and sleep

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night Often breastfeeding and sleep are thought to be part of two different worlds. Many people will tell

Adjusting to life with two children

By Magriet Rothman – Good Night Consultant The moment I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was in tears. These were


By Jonel Basson – Good Night Consultant You reluctantly open your eyes. It’s still dark outside, but something very familiar called you out of dreamland

The Best Fathers’ Day Gift Is Sleep

By Christiaan Kriel – Father to Mia and Andrew Kriel & Husband of Sleep Consultant Carla Kriel On 16th June we celebrate Fathers’ Day and

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury

By Jolandi Becker – MD Good Night Often parents feel guilty about the need to want their babies or children to sleep. “Why can’t I


By Nicky Kyle – Good Night Sleep Consultant “It would be easy they said” “What is there to it? Just feed them and let them

Sugar, Devil or Friend?

By Lize Snyman – Dietician Over the past few years many health experts voiced their opinions loudly on social media regarding the many dangers that

Keeping sleep safe

By Jolandi Becker – Good Night Managing Director Safe sleep should be one of the first things parents are concerned about when creating their child’s

My great sleeper is sick – Now what?

By Salome Botes – Good Night Sleep Consultant At this time of year the seasons change, and the mornings become colder, sometimes with the sniffles

To Co-sleep or NOT to Co-sleep

By Jolandi Becker – MD of Good Night One of the most common questions my clients ask is about when they need to move their babies out of their room

New Year’s Sleep Resolutions

by Raylene de Villiers – Good Night Sleep Consultant Its that time again! New Year’s Resolutions! Most of us try to keep to resolutions but by now, the third week

Sleep Training “Setting the stage”

The words ‘CRY IT OUT’ jump into most parent’s minds when they hear the words ‘SLEEP TRAINING’, which is why I don’t like to refer

Can Sleep Training harm my baby?

With the stigma around the cry-it-out method – which is what the majority of parents believe sleep training your baby to be – there is

Night Terrors

By Jolandi Becker – Good Night Director Most parents will be woken at least once in their child’s life, to their little one screaming and

Mother’s Guilt

My mother always warned about mothers’ guilt.  I never thought it could be that bad, until I became a mother! It has become a constant


Has your child woken up screaming at any point in time? A sudden frightening child screaming awake shortly after falling asleep. It could be that

Being in denial…

Being in denial… By Mia Stoltz The one thing that I was sure of my whole life was that I wanted to become a mother.

How much crying is normal?

Most, if not all parents are cry sensitive When I was a first time mom, I believed that baby’s only cry when they are close


SLEEP REGRESSION   “Why do your baby’s sleep patterns sometimes regress, what to do about it, and when to be worried” Written by: Petro Thamm            

Sleep Training Multiples

Once upon a time, I found myself with 4 children under the age of two. Yes, crazy! I had triplet girls who had just turned


We spend a third of our lives sleeping, an activity as vital to our health and well-being as eating and exercise. But exactly why we

A Day In The Life Of A Sleep Trainer

I was invited to dinner with a bunch of influential supermoms in the baby industry a while ago, which provided a platform for some interesting

Why Sleep is important

Read our new article about Why Sleep is Important. Written by one of our very own Consultant Corlia Dreyer


MAGNESIUM AND ITS BENEFITS TO SLEEP Magnesium, Zinc and Iron are three of the fundamental elements necessary for sleep. Interestingly, Magnesium can be absorbed through

Travelling With Kids?

The holidays are around the corner (yippee!). I hope that you have already decided what you are going to make for Christmas pudding. One other

What To Do With Sick Children

I very often get this question from parents: What do I do if my child is ill? With the flu season approaching it’s a good

To Chiro Or Not To Chiro

To Chiro or not to chiro BY DR NICOLE LOUW MTech Chiropractic (UJ) MCASA Is chiropractic safe for my children? Why should my child get checked, she

The Dummy Mummy

BY PETRO THAMM So is a pacifier good or bad? My answer to this is it depends. Let’s start with the good…. Dummies have the

Stopping Night Feeds In The Young Toddler

BY ANN RICHARDSON It is important to note that everyone wakes up spontaneously many times during the night. So, even if your toddler is ‘sleeping

Sensory Influences On Sleep

BY MEGAN FAURE If your baby isn’t sleeping well, you are in good company – more than 50% of babies have sleep problems in the

Sleep Training – In or Out?

In South Africa, the controversial “sleep training” debate has heated up considerably over the last few months. With so many puritan views on the subject,

Toddlers And Sleep

“My toddler gets out of his crib!” I very often receive a frantic phone call from parents, wanting to know HOW to stop their toddler

Interesting Sleep Research

Good Night belongs to various internationally accredited associations, and as such, we have the privilege of accessing a wealth of information regarding sleep. Some of

SIDS Explained

One of the scariest things for all parents is the reality of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the unexplained, unexpected death of a

Goodnight’s Nutrition Fact File

Here’s the low-down on Goodnight’s take for guiding families in instilling healthy eating habits in their children from a young age. Our resident go-to health-fundi,

Travelling with Babies and Toddlers.

If you’re panicking that travelling with your baby or toddler could be even more stressful than it’s worth, or that their sleep routine will be

What Makes Good Night Different

I had an unsettling call this morning from a lady who was in tears. She had been following an individual’s advice who called herself a

“Self Soothing” Myths And Facts

Social media has been abuzz about a recent article published by Psychologist Sarah Ockwell-Smith about the misconceptions or damage one can do by teaching your

Do You Hate Bedtime?

A correct bedtime routine can really help your child transition to sleep As a parent, I am sure you have often read about the importance

Confessions Of A Sleep Therapist

There is a saying that goes: “The cobbler’s children go unshod”. Simply put, the son of the shoemaker has no shoe…. Very often, the cobbler

The Teething Monster

Is your baby not sleeping through the night because of teething? Teething babies: The good, the bad and the ugly Often these words are heard:

Interesting Information About Your Infant

A recent Sleep Sense Conference in the United States provided phenomenal content and REALLY rekindled my passion for providing children and parents in South Africa

Myth busters: Baby Sleep

Keeping your baby up longer at night/between naps will encourage her to fall asleep faster and sleep better. This is definitely a myth. Keeping your

The Curse Of The Short Nap

I honestly do not know why we always tell moms: “Sleep when your baby sleeps”. I remember when my son was little; when he eventually

What To Do With Sick Children

I very often get this question from parents: What do I do if my child is ill? With the flu season approaching it’s a good

The Importance of Sleep

SLEEP YOURSELF TO SUCCESS The average person sleeps for almost a third of his/her life. Yet, in today’s society, sleep is often seen as unproductive

Is Your Baby a Cry Baby?

How much crying is normal? Most, if not all parents are cry sensitive When I was a first time mom, I believed that babies only

The Magic of Melatonin

Is it really so easy? – Just give my child a magic pill? I wish I could create a magic formula that would make children

Attachement Parenting

 The Web defines attachment parenting as: An approach to raising infants that aims to promote a close relationship between the baby and its parents by

Sleep Training does not work

What does cake have to do with sleep training I hate diets. I cannot tell you how much I hate eating the same types of

Day versus Night

One of the greatest myths out there is to have your baby learn day from night (especially your newborn) and to have them sleep in

Better Sleep For Mom – Some Tips

Sleep is vital to our health. It helps us function better, mentally and physically and we only realise the immense value of it if we

Cry-it-out method

Most parent’s cringe when they hear the word: “Cry it out”. But what does it really mean? In the 20th century, behaviorist John Watson (1928),

The Teething Monster

Is your baby not sleeping through the night because of teething? Teething babies; The good, the bad and the ugly I hear it so often:

Thumb vs Soother

I am re posting an article done by a lovely colleague of mine: Pam Nease: What are the pros and cons of soother and thumb