• Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
  • Diploma in Somatology
  • Laser and Aesthetic therapist
  • Personal Assistant

Big Friendly Giant or a Bible Story

That children will eventually start sleeping through on their own time.

It is the best gift you can give your little one – teaching them the skill to sleep independently.

Letting your baby sleep less in the day to sleep longer at night. Also going to bed later will make them wake up later.

A consistent bedtime routine. A,B,C will cue the brain that sleep is expected soon and a sleep conducting environment.

We can hand you all the tools to sleep train, the success lies within your consistency and open communication with us. We are here to SUPPORT and advise.

Not a lullaby, but Amazing Grace

Bianca Earl

I am very perfectionistic and also a bit creative. My role as an assistant at a Dermatology practice helps me to have the routine-based job part-time. Then for my creative side – After becoming a mother, we were blessed with a beautiful boy, very easy going and also sleeping 7-9 hours stretches at 6 weeks of age. Then the 4 month sleep regression hit.. I was exhausted. I tried everything and eventually looked into sleep training. I researched a lot of the information and sleep trained our son on our own. As I got busy in the mommy-community, some of my friends asked tips on how Josua, our beautiful son reached his “sleeping through” milestone. I listened to their routine etc and started giving advice on where to change certain factors. One morning a mother and doctor called me, thanking me, that her baby girl slept through.

I always prayed of being helpful somewhere in our community and bam it hit me – I want to help moms, to help their babies to sleep better. I want others to have the same quality time my husband and I have at night and on top of that have some me-time too. So I became a consultant for Good Night and I enjoy every moment of it.