About Anika Badenhorst

Product Manager

“My first superpower:  I am a wife and a mom of two kids all day, everyday and My second superpower- I put babies to sleep”
Certified Good Night Sleep Consultant
B.Sc ConsumerSciences
Favourite bedtime story for kids
“Wolf en die drie varkies”
One thing I never go to sleep without
My husbands pillow
Biggest Misconceptions about sleep
Keeping them up during the day will help them sleep better at night.
One thing all parents must know about sleep
It is a skill that we need to help our children with just like walking and talking.
Worst sleep advice
Switch to formula your baby will sleep longer…
Ingredients for a good night's sleep
Love filled bedtime routine.
Best sleep tip for parents
Leave the kids with grandma and grandpa
Favourite bedtime lullaby
Wa lila mntwanana  (the most beautiful Xhosa lullably)